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Haunted Hollow

For: iPad   Also on: iPhone

Both of those things

Product: Haunted Hollow | Developer: Firaxis | Format: iPad | Genre: Strategy | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Haunted Hollow iPad, thumbnail 1
Haunted Hollow is a curiosity. It's a turn-based strategy game of sorts, condensed and tweaked for a more casual audience, that sees you battling for control of a small village with an AI or real-life opponent.

You lead an ever growing army of spooky creatures, from ghosts to grim reapers, out from your mansion base into the titular township to scare the living daylights out of the residents. Scare all the houses and you're the winner.

The twist comes when the villagers get bored of your shenanigans and form a mob to stop your wicked ways.

Empty ghosts

You begin with a single-room mansion and no creatures of the night. At the start of every turn you receive a random new room to add to your evil estate. These let you generate monsters to go out and do your evil bidding.

IAPs explained
There's no currency to buy in the game, but you can buy new monsters and extra special items in order to give you the edge over your opponents.

There are seven creatures to buy and adding their rooms to your mansion will cost £1.49 / $1.99 or 69p / 99c depending on which one you choose.

You can choose to purchase four different items to use in-game for 69p / 99c, although you can get these in play when you level-up.

Buying all the monsters will cost you about a tenner, which is a little on the steep side.
There are three types of beast - Fighty, Scary, and Strange. Fighty monsters can scrap with the opposing team and villagers; Scary monsters can capture town houses, which you need to do in order to win; and Strange monsters offer special abilities to help your other units.

The aim of the game is to scare all of the houses in the village. But once you've scared enough villagers to fill up a meter in front of the church they get sick of you and form an angry mob. This mob will attack monsters and burn down houses to try and purge the village of evil.

The longer the game goes on the more of these mobs you create. The opposing team can recapture houses by scaring them, and there are buffs that let you fill up the meter and unleash a horde of angry pitchfork waving humans on nearby foes.

Spooky scary

There's not a great deal of content in the game, and you'll need to shell out quite a lot of cash to buy all of the monsters that are available as IAPs. The AI isn't always smart enough, either, and it's pretty easy to win games once you know what you're doing.

Pass-the-device and online multiplayer are where the real meat is, and it's always more fun playing against real people, but there's still a feeling of emptiness that the game can't quite shake.

Haunted Hollow is fun at first, but there's just not enough to do to keep you entertained for any longer than a couple of hours.
Haunted Hollow
Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 3 May 2013
After the first flush of excitement, Haunted Hollow doesn't manage to add anything to keep you interested
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Aug 2012
Post count:
Ivan Filipe | 13:01 - 8 May 2013
I totally disagree with Harry (as always... :) ... Sorry dude, but we are always disagreeing!

Harry, you compared the game to Outwitter. Outwitter had no difference in the armies, apart from the ultimate unit, that sometimes wouldn't even been used. Had more maps, that's a pro. It was a Destroy Enemy base kinda game. This one is Control the Map kinda game. You and your opponent might face each other with 10 distinct monsters. How Outwitter can outsmart (no pun intended) Haunted Hollow in this department? Outwitter had leagues and stuff. Another pro to them, ok.

I found some errors/misinformation on your review:

"Fighty, Scary, and Strange". Not Strange, it's Special.

"Strange monsters offer special abilities to help your other units.". Wrong. The Special units don't fit Fighty or Scary. For instance, the Zombie. It starts as a scary unit (since it can haunt a house), and after gathering enough zombified people, can turn to a Fighty unit. Doesn't have anything to do to "support" other units.

"you can buy new monsters and extra special items in order to give you the edge over your opponents.". Doesn't give any edge. Just raises your range of strategy you might employ. The units are pretty balanced, but the ones OP are in the free game (Vampire, Werewolf and Frankie).

"Buying all the monsters will cost you about a tenner, which is a little on the steep side.". If you want to buy everything, why don't you go to the Season Pass 1, that costs a fiver?

You don't mention Challenge Mode (which sucks... :))

Are you sure you spent enough time with the game? Played with all monsters. Played against good players.

Don't get me wrong, not trolling, but the way you wrote this review give me the impression that you spent 5 minutes with the game. It's a shame that you played it on a bad day, different from Tekken Card Tournament, that you were really on a great day.
Apr 2013
Post count:
Josh Dombro | 22:28 - 3 May 2013
I totally agree, I played it a week or two ago and basically felt it was a watered down Outwitters set in the Addams Family. Nice graphics, fun at first, but nothing great. I really didn't like the angry mob thing either - I get what it was trying to do, but because it moves so slowly it was basically pointless.

I heard they just released an update this week (I'd already cleared it from my phone), do you know what they changed?