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Gunner Z

For: iPad   Also on: iPhone


Product: Gunner Z | Publisher: BitMonster Games | Format: iPad | Genre: Shooter | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Gunner Z iPad, thumbnail 1
It's the end of the world, and still the humans are trying to make a quick buck. A handful of intrepid soldiers are keeping the zombie apocalypse at bay while greedy workmen force them to shell out to have their armoured trucks fixed quickly.

My co-driver is whimsical throughout the whole thing, making vague jokes about buggery, poor suspension, and how he fancies helicopter drones. Meanwhile I trudge through a daily routine of repetitive violence, fighting off waves of explosive zombie monsters in a world I only see through heat-vision goggles.

It's a depressing, lonely future of slaughter and capitalism, of dull men struggling to reclaim cities that aren't really worth reclaiming. In short, Gunner Z is a bit of a downer.


Our jeep trundles to a stop at an intersection, and before I can ponder the redundant nature of that term we're set upon by glowing white assailants. I swipe a finger around the screen to take aim, then tap on the unironically marked 'fire' button to fire.

The bad guys explode in a shower of plasma. It's quite pretty. Although in a world where everything else is either black, grey, or military green, that's not really saying much. Another vehicle skids into view, so I switch to rockets and shoot it until it explodes.

IAPs explained
There are a staggering number of things to buy in Gunner Z. For £17.49 / $24.99, you can get an extra continue every time you go into the city on a mission.

There are gun packs for £6.99 / $9.99, paint skin packs for £1.99 / $2.99, and a money double for £2.99 / $4.99.

You can buy either of the game's currency in bundles ranging from 69p / 99c to £69.99 / $99.99. Then, there are starter packs with a bunch of boosts and cash for £2.99 / $4.99 or £5.99 / $8.99.

Oh, and there are Rampages that give you a boost until the next time you go back to the garage. They cost 69p each.
I'm happy with the handling of my weapons. They're smooth and precise, making fulfilling my murder quota for the day simple enough. I can slide a finger along the right hand of the screen to raise and lower my camera, changing the view I have of the crumbling city streets.


The area cleared, I retreat to the garage, where salesmen bark at me to spend currency to make my truck better. It would seem prudent to me if we all chipped in, what with us being the last of the human race, but my pleas fall on deaf ears.

This is life in Gunner Z. A plod through uninspired but functional shooting coupled with a shop that asks you to spend at every given opportunity. The action isn't fun enough to warrant the badgering, and eventually you'll tire of the pew-pew monotony of the cold, indifferent world.
Gunner Z
Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 9 October 2013
A dull shooter wrapped in an angry freemium model, Gunner Z is enjoyable for a while, but it soon fades
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Jun 2013
Post count:
Jeffyg3 | 21:34 - 9 October 2013
This game is pretty monotonous and disappointing. I figured it would get low scores, I deleted it off my iPad maybe about 30-40 after playing, hoping it would get better. Ah well, maybe next time BitMonster
Jul 2012
Post count:
Contest Chris | 19:54 - 9 October 2013
Keep it up. Call out all the nasty freemium games out there. Loved these developers with what they did with Lili...but alas money/greed, the greatest of all demons, shine through.