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Fortnite cheats and tips - Everything you need to know about 50 vs 50

One man army
Product: Fortnite Battle Royale | Publisher: Epic Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Fortnite Battle Royale iPad, thumbnail 1
Fortnite Battle Royale has well and truly entered the mainstream, and another mode is only going to send existing fans into even more of a frenzy than ever.

You can play Fortnite's new 50 vs 50 mode right now, and it plays out very differently to the Fortnite you know.

For the complete lowdown on the strategies you need to adapt for 50 vs 50, just take a look below!

For even more on Fortnite, take a look at our ultimate guide.

The hot zone

One big difference with the 50 vs 50 game mode is that the final circle is immediately in place. This changes the game up pretty dramatically, as the pacing and your goals are different.

For one, getting into the final circle pretty quickly will give your team as a whole an advantage, but it's likely that one team's battle bus will be able to drift much closer to the zone than the other.

If you're closest to the zone, head straight in and get ready for the enemies which will, obviously, incoming from the direction of the enemy battle bus. If you're not close, you'll have to head in slowly…

Moving on in

If you've landed outside of the zone, feel free to grab loot and weaponry to prepare yourself for the battle ahead. Grabbing materials so you can fortify later on is also a good idea.

If the enemy has already taken control of the zone, you'll likely be able to see their structures and them jumping about the place from a distance. If you've got a sniper rifle, you should crouch down behind some terrain and try and scout the place out from a distance. Even get some kills, if you've got the skill.

If you've only got short range weaponry, well, you best have some good building skill in order to confuse your opponents. Moving into the final zone with the enemy already holed up is no easy task.

Indestructible forts

Once you're in the circle though, building some impressive defences should be your priority. Whether you're invading the final zone or you've been there from the start, building walls and stairs to shield yourself is always a good strategy.

Find yourself a good spot where enemies aren't likely to come from behind and pick off enemies as you see them move - the beauty of 50 vs 50 is that it's quite easy to spot an enemy, but difficult to engage close-range without being ambushed.

If you're more daring, running into buildings and putting up traps is a good idea. Either the spike traps you can find in the world, or simply boarding up the entrance to a building, before waiting on the other side with a shotgun, it's always a fun mind game to play.

The zone trap

This only works if you get into the final circle first, but if you and your team put up a good defence and prevent your enemies from invading the final circle, you can get them stuck outside.

This will work more often than not, because in the heat of a firefight, it's easy to forget that the storm is moving in. When you've got enemies hunkered down and scared to move forward, they won't notice the storm approaching on their rear.

Then it's a simple case of shooting and picking them off as they struggle to get back to safety. Beautiful.

Everything's better with friends

That's another nice thing about the 50 vs 50 mode - you've got so many pals to hang around with.

Ultimately whether it's a long range firefight or invading enemy strongholds for a close range battle, you always be far more capable with your team mates, so stick close to them whenever possible.

The only downside to sticking with people is trying to get your own loot, when everyone is out for themselves on that front.

You can also get revived by pals should you go down - another good reason to stand by them - but health depletes very quickly when you're down.

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Dave Aubrey 19 April 2018
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