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Foodo Kitchen's Big Indie Pitch-winning iPad messy monster dessert cooking game is ready for collection
by Chris Priestman 16/5/2014
Product: Foodo Kitchen
Publisher: Tutu Lab
Format: iPad
Genre: Action, Casual
It was only last week that we were telling you about Tutu Lab and the fact that it had won the Big Indie Pitch in Krakow with Foodo Kitchen.

This week, the messy monster dessert cooking game is out on iPad. Yep, you can buy it right now.

Foodo Kitchen is worthy of praise for a few reasons. Firstly, it's exceptionally cute. If you've got children, you should seriously consider picking this game up for them.

Just, err, don't blame us if they wreck your iPad. Foodo Kitchen lets players get very involved in the process of making and baking desserts, you see.

After the monster has ordered its dessert through pictures (rather than words), you have to make sure you pick the right ingredients. If you don't, the monster will bring your creation back up upon eating it.

While cooking, you have to spread the flour with your fingers, roll out the dough, and decorate the finished product with tasty as well as gruesome toppings.

Around all of the mess making, there are plenty of cute features vying for your attention. Mice will pop up, jars can be tipped off shelves, and monsters will hang upside-down in windows.

If you want to find out why Foodo Kitchen was crowned the Big Indie Pitch winner last week, you can pick it up for iPad right now for £1.99 / $2.99.
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