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Good boy
by Harry Slater 2/4/2013
Product: Fetch
Developer: Big Fish Games
Publisher: Big Fish Games
Format: iPad
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Puzzle
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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There's nothing particularly complex about Fetch. It's a game designed to be played by anyone who can tap on a screen, but it still manages to foster a sense of curiosity that few other games can manage.

While its puzzles aren't the most taxing and its difficulty curve is more of a gentle slope, there's a lot to like about this heart-warming tale of a boy trying to get his dog back from a totalitarian, mutt-hating regime.

Tail wagging

After your faithful companion is snatched by a sentient fire hydrant you plummet after him into a subterranean world of switches, valves, chained-up crocodiles, and stern robotic guards that can only be brought low by singing mice. ...
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A sweet and endearing adventure, Fetch will wrap you up in its spell and leave you smiling
Audio/visual: 9
Gameplay: 8
Value: 8
Innovation: 7
Overall: 8
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