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A Beginner’s Guide to Dynasty Blades

Start your dynasty on the right foot
Product: Dynasty Blades | Publisher: EZfun | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: RPG
Dynasty Blades iPad, thumbnail 1
Dynasty Blades, EZFun’s latest hack and slash adventure, is loosely based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, transporting you to a fantastical Chinese landscape as you step into the shoes of a fierce hero, slicing and dicing your way through swathes of enemies.

The game itself is sprawling, with a main story campaign and a host of different multiplayer challenge modes for you to complete. Only the strongest warriors can come out on top, and you’ll need some training if you want to make it that far. We have a few tips to help you get started on your journey.

Learn how to read your enemies

Dodging is the most important battle mechanic to master. Learn how to read enemy tells. If you see a red box or circle extend from your enemy, hit the dodge button immediately to get out of the way of a powerful attack.

Sometimes, if the attack is close range, you won’t get this helpful hint. However, you might notice your opponent start to glow. Again, this is a good time to duck out of harm’s way. Dodging effectively will keep you in tip-top shape, even through long, difficult battles.

Upgrade and enhance

You’ll never be short on loot to collect in Dynasty Blades, but don’t stop there. You’ll want to sharpen those rare swords you find to hone them into legendary weapons. After you’ve collected enough experience, tap the “Skill” button at the bottom right of the screen and choose your weapon. You can then upgrade all of your skills. There’s a lot happening on the screen, so it’s easy to forget this small, but very important step.

Enhance your equipment, too, to give yourself a helpful power boost. When you get a rare piece of equipment, head to the “Character” menu, tap on the equipment, and then choose an item to enhance it. This is a great way to customise armour and enter battle with some truly special gear.

Money makes the world go round

You need gold to fund your adventures, but luckily Dynasty Blades offers plenty of opportunity to fill your coffers. Grind out the story mode to level up quickly. Once you hit level 13 you’ll start to unlock multiplayer modes that reward players with plentiful gold and treasure. These including Hunting War at level 13, the Arena at level 22, the Siege Boss at level 23, Plunder at level 25, Champion Road at level 27, and more.

Not only are these new campaigns a great way to make money, they also provide some of the best content in the game, with exciting new challenges you can’t find in story mode.

Make some friends

This is a multiplayer game, after all, so you’ll want to team up with other people at some point. The social aspects of the game unlock at level 17, giving you access to the chat. There’s text and voice chat, which makes coordinating battles a lot easier. The Dynasty Blades community is quite active -- there are plenty of people chatting and offering advice.

At level 18 you can join a guild, which opens up even more of the game. There’s a ton of content you can only find through your guild, so group up at the earliest opportunity.

Dynasty Blades is available to download now on iOS and Android.

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Pocket Gamer staff  31 March 2017
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