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Art challenge app DrawQuest offers a fresh canvas for iPad artists
by James Gilmour 12/2/2013
Product: DrawQuest
Developer: Canvas
Format: iPad
Genre: Casual
Thanks to Canvas's new community-based art app DrawQuest, digital doodlers have yet another outlet for their creative fingertips.

Rather than have you challenge opponents to a game of Pictionary like in Zynga's Draw Something, Canvas sets DrawQuest draftsmen a series of daily projects to complete.

These challenges can range from something as simple as drawing a smiley face, to coming up with a new invention for Thomas Edison.

Different strokes

In DrawQuest, you don't start you off with a blank canvas. Nope, you're actually faced with a half-completed image, whose blanks you are left to fill in.

Once you've put brush to canvas (or finger to screen), you can then post the image for other budding Botticellis to view and rate.

You're not restricted to a single drawing per day, mind - you can complete as many pictures as your fingers can handle. By completing more challenges, you earn more coins, which you can exchange for new colours for your palette.

Though DrawQuest's brush selection is a bit limited, its daily challenge concept is a neat idea, giving committed creatives a reason to boot up the app every 24 hours.

Of course, as with all community-driven enterprises, DrawQuest will rise or fall based on the size, strength, and loyalty of its userbase.

If you fancy giving DrawQuest a try, you can download it for iPad right now for free.
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