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[Update] Out at midnight: Control the whole universe with Disney Infinity: Toy Box for iOS
by Harry Slater 18/9/2013
Product: Disney Infinity: Toy Box
Developer: Disney Interactive Studios
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Format: iPad
Genre: Film/ TV tie- in
Updated on September 18th, at 15:45: You won't have to wait until midnight, after all.

Disney Infinity is available from the App Store now all around the world. It's free until October 5th.

"Anything is possible" Disney barks brashly in its App Store description for Disney Infinity: Toy Box.

Here is a game, then, free from mechanical constraints. A pure expression of digital self.

Oh, no, wait, it's a Skylanders knock-off where you buy little Disney people, input a code, and play mini-games with a digital recreation of them.

Er, okay.

Whatever Disney claims it is, Disney Infinity: Toy Box for iPad is out now in New Zealand, which means it should be hitting other App Stores around the world at midnight tonight.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box supports cross-platform play, so if you bought it on one of those bulky non-pocket consoles, you can sign in with the same account and watch your little digital toys leaping across from TV to tablet. Or something like that.

Apparently, you can build your own world here, too, and create games for your little heroes to play. To be honest, there's so much hyperbole about "limitless potential" in the App Store description that it sounds a bit like some advertising for a cult.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box will be available in the UK and US at midnight tonight. It won't cost you a single penny, by the way.
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