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For: iPad   Also on: iPhone

Physics lesson

Product: Cyto | Developer: Room 8 | Publisher: Chillingo | Format: iPad | Genre: Casual, Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Cyto iPad, thumbnail 1
The App Store is full of twee, physics-based puzzlers, each with a cartoon hero, a progression system based on your success in previous stages, and a way of gradually introducing new obstacles as you play.

Cyto fits comfortably into that ever-expanding chunk of the market, and, while it's an interesting enough diversion, it fails to do anything impressive enough to mark it out from the crowd. This is safe, generic fun, but nothing more than that.

Cell division

You play an amnesiac blob called Cyto, who needs to collect his memories. Thankfully, these are spread around the 81 levels of the game, and you have all the tools you need at your disposal to get them back.

IAPs explained
There's no currency to buy or extra skins to purchase in Cyto, but there is one IAP if you're too lazy to actually play the game.

For a one-off payment of 69p you can unlock all the levels the game has to offer, rather than wasting time actually playing through them.

It's a fair price, but playing the levels out of order will likely leave you confused, and playing them in the right order will mean you'd have unlocked them all just by playing anyway.
The game is all about using Cyto's elasticity to your advantage. You stretch him out by dragging a finger around the screen, and as the game progresses you'll discover new abilities that let you use this springiness to your advantage.

To begin with you're just flinging him from blobby piece of scenery to blobby piece of scenery, with the ultimate goal of collecting the three memories hanging around the level and then escaping through a black hole.

You'll soon learn new tricks, though, like connecting Cyto to two blobs in order to catapult him farther, or using different coloured attachment points to stretch and then contract him over perilous gaps.

The gameplay is reasonably robust, but collecting all the memories and moving on to the next challenge is rarely greeted with anything other than indifference. You don't feel like you've really achieved anything - just completed a simple task and moved sideways to another.


There's a narrative that tries to add meaning to your puzzling, but it feels a little forced, and the slightly limp visuals add to an overall sense that Cyto just isn't at the top of its game. It's enjoyable enough, and better than a lot of other examples of the genre, but in the end it feels a little too by-the-numbers.

If laidback physics-puzzlers are your cup of tea then you'll likely enjoy Cyto. It's well put-together, and there's plenty of content to work your way through. But if you're looking for something a little more challenging, or a little more interesting, you'd be better off looking elsewhere.

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Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 22 February 2013
A by-the-numbers physics-puzzler, Cyto is well put-together, but never quite intriguing enough to wholeheartedly recommend
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