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You are the X-File in new iPad point-and-click thriller Cognition
by James Gilmour 28/2/2013
Product: Cognition
Developer: Phoenix Online Studios
Format: iPad
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
The first episode of PC point-and-click detective thriller Cognition is now available to download on the App Store. (You probably sensed that, though, eh. You clever human, you.)

In this iPad-only adventure - sorry, iPhone owners - you step into the gumshoes of Erica Reed, an FBI agent with a special gift.

You see, when Erica touches an object, she gets glimpses of the past. Though these visions can offer useful insight, they are difficult to control, and can leave Erica confused and disturbed.

During this first episode in the Cognition series, subtitled The Hangman, you must unravel the mystery surrounding our Erica's brother and help our psychic heroine to master her powers.

Along the way, you'll team up with your FBI partner John, and wade through some surprisingly dark subject matter to get to the truth.

Created by, among others, Gabriel Knight dev Jane Jensen, Cognition Episode 1 is available from the App Store for £2.49 / $3.99 right now.
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