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New interface and AI for pixel-art strategy title Civil War The Battle Game
by James Gilmour 4/4/2013
Product: Civil War The Battle Game
Developer: The Bitstreamers
Format: iPad
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Pixel-art war title Civil War The Battle Game has just been updated to make the reliving the Battle of Chickamauga that much more enjoyable.

It seems the Bitstreamers, the dev behind this hex-based strategy title, took a second look at the game's blocky visuals, and decided that the interface needed revamping.

To that end, this latest update adds clearer fonts and unit info panels, plus an overhauled menu system.

Civil War The Battle Game fans will also notice some changes when they enter the theatre of war.

For example, when your destination bar is situated near an enemy, your foe's defence bar will now appear. Furthermore, the enemy AI selection has been improved, along with the scrolling mechanic.

Plus, if you're find yourself pulled away from your iPad unexpectedly, you can now resume your battle from where you left off. 

You can download the Civil War The Battle Game update from the App Store right now. The game itself can be purchased for £1.99 / $2.99 on iPad.
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