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Block Block Block

For: iPad   Also on: Android, iPhone

Easy slider

Product: Block Block Block | Developer: Wegrass Interactive | Publisher: Noodlecake Games | Format: iPad | Genre: Casual, Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Block Block Block iPad, thumbnail 1
Matching three blocks to make them disappear. It's one of the simplest ideas in gaming.

But as Wegrass demonstrates with Block Block Block, it could be made even simpler.

For one thing, you can take out all of that time-sensitive nonsense. Why distract from the purity of the concept by hurrying the player?

Slide and match

Instead, Block Block Block brings in a sliding puzzle-like system. You must drag various formations of blocks around until they align in groups of three or more.

You're only given a handful of moves in which to finish the level off, and there tends to be just the one solution to each problem. Again, this a highly honed, focused experience.

Variation comes with the nature of the blocks. Certain levels will give you two different colours of blocks to rearrange - red and white. Others give you stationary blocks to work around - or even into - your moves.

Arrow blocks that shoot off in a single direction and 'wildcard' blocks that bind together opposing colours are two more introductions later in the game's six level packs.

Single minded

Not all of these variations are successful. None of the new elements is explained - you're left to figure them out for yourself. There's a hint system, but it doesn't necessarily explain what's happening.

IAPs explained
Block Block Block is ad-funded. But if you want to remove them, you can do so for the princely sum of £1.49 / $1.99.

The other optional IAPs on offer here involves the game's hint system. Buying five costs you 69p / 99c, 15 will set you back £1.49, and 100 will cost £5.99 / $8.99.

It's a nice option to have on the trickier levels.
This is fine in general, but with certain special blocks - such as the aforementioned wildcard blocks - it can be hard to figure out all of their nuances straight away. There's nothing wrong with a learning curve, of course, but Block Block Block's occasional opaqueness can work against its hardline pure-and-simple philosophy.

Some will also find this stripped-back approach a little too restrictive and even - at its easiest moments - unengaging. You don't always get that feeling of satisfaction from solving puzzles as you do in other, deeper match-three puzzlers.

Overall, though, Block Block Block is a refreshing palate-cleanser of a match-three game that's a fine accompaniment to some of the meaty heavyweights that iOS has been receiving in recent weeks.
Block Block Block
Reviewer photo
Jon Mundy | 2 July 2013
A pleasantly simple puzzler with a straight-forward premise, though it rarely ascends to the level of greatness
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