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Awesome Space Delivery Company review - A simple game that really doesn't deliver

For: iPad   Also on: iPhone
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Bite my shiny, metal--

Product: Awesome Space Delivery Company | Publisher:  | Format: iPad | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
As fun as the name sounds, Awesome Space Delivery Company is a game you've played before. Not literally. I mean you've seen this done plenty of times before in one way or another.

It has a go at changing things up and making things more relevant with pop culture reference achievements, but ultimately the game doesn't deliver.

Fly me to the moon

Awesome Space Delivery Company is a flight-based runner where you have to traverse the level ahead of you and deliver goods to eager customers.

In some cases, this is straight forward and you've only your own skill to blame if you mess up. As you progress through the four worlds, however, you see wind and other factors get in the way of your success.

Aside from natural elements, you've got spaceships, cannons, and a bunch of different hazards to contend with, each of which will knock off a bit of your health. Once the bar reaches zero, the next bump or strike will end your game.

When you die or run out of fuel on a run you'll lose whatever coins you've earned, so you have to know when to continue and when to quit while you're ahead. You need to make it to a landing pad to refuel, take up more contracts, or end your run.

Though you can earn money by just working through the level, you can earn more from the contracts you take, such as delivering farm equipment. You can also lose more this way if you're too reckless.

The controls are easy. Holding down both sides of the screen will propel your rocket upwards, while tapping either side will adjust your direction.

It's clear where the inspiration for the game comes from with its milestone achievements as phrases like 'These are not the droids you're looking for' and 'Good news, everyone' pop up as you progress.

Actually, don't

While you need money to afford upgrades, you need to earn quite a lot before you start noticing any real improvements. Given how short your runs can be at times and how little you earn, it can be quite frustrating.

The graphics are simple, as is the music that runs alongside them, but everything is rather forgetful and a little outdated.

Having an endless level in each of the worlds also makes the game feel rather empty in a way. For players who aren't particularly bothered about beating high scores and prefer the satisfaction of beating a level, it's likely you won't stay focussed.

Even with procedurally generated levels, it feels too repetitive and doesn't offer up enough progress to keep our interest for long.

Awesome Space Delivery Company knows what it wants and where it wants to go, it's just unfortunate that the journey isn't a particularly fun one.
Awesome Space Delivery Company review - A simple game that really doesn't deliver
Reviewer photo
Emily Sowden | 14 May 2018
Awesome Space Delivery Company has some good ideas, but there's nothing new in the mix to make it stand out
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