[Update] Switch gravity to move around the temples of iOS 'turn-based platformer' Zuki's Quest
By Chris Priestman 20 November 2013
Game Name: Zuki's Quest | Developer: Tiny Touch Tales | Format: iPhone | Genre: Platform
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Updated on November 20th, at 16:05: Zuki's Quest debuted today on the App Store [download]. It's completely free to download.

As noted below, though, you will have to buy the extra temples for 69p / 99c if you want to play them.

Original story follows...

Tiny Touch Tales is following up its free minimalist puzzle game Matchagon, with a "turn-based platformer" called Zuki's Quest.

The clean, minimalist look has been swapped out for the dirtied insides of tombs in Zuki's Quest. The titular Zuki adds further character to the screen with her big eyes, red hair, and pet hummingbird, Pico.

The short tale behind the game sees Zuki being captured by natives upon an island. Instead of eating her, they decide to put Zuki through a gruelling series of tests.

This translates to heading inside various themed tombs, where you can switch gravity at a flick of your finger to collect all of the coins in each level.

This gravity flicking mechanic is what has caused Tiny Touch Tales to label Zuki's Quest a "turn-based platformer". The challenge of each level is to collect all of the coins in the least amount of "turns" (read: gravity changes) possible.

Things become more difficult as spikes start to line the walls and floors, and huge blocks that will easily crush Zuki if you change the gravity the wrong way appear.

Zuki's Quest will be free to download from the App Store from November 20th onwards. However, that download only gets you the 24 levels of the Jungle Temple.

You can pay 69p / 99c for the Desert Tomb and Ice Crypt, or if you pay £1.99 / $2.99 you'll get both of them and the upcoming levels at no extra cost.
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