Simogo's creepy puzzle adventure Year Walk could arrive as early as February
By James Gilmour 24 January 2013
Game Name: Year Walk | Developer: Simogo | Publisher: Simogo | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure
It's fair to say that Simogo's mysterious upcoming adventure game Year Walk is one of our most anticipated games of 2013.

We're not sure what has us more excited: the developer's pedigree (Simogo's is responsible for last year's award-winning rhythm puzzler Beat Sneak Bandit), or the beautifully creepy trailers which have teased the game's release (see below).

Well, it seems that we won't have to wait much longer to get to grips with Year Walk. According to the developer's blog, the team is hoping to have the game in the App Store by the end of February.

Now, as the blog's author Simon Flesser states, this preliminary Year Walk release window is not set in stone.

"We do not want to promise things we cannot keep," Flesser explains, "and we will get back to you with a definite date once the game has been approved."

Tell us more...

Clearly aware that we're hopping from foot to foot in anticipation, however, Flesser posted some extra info about Year Walk - info which he has not shared before.

According to the post, players can expect to get two to four hours out of gameplay from Year Walk - more if you attempt to locate every secret.

Year Walk's world (as pictured in the screenshots) is 2D, but is viewed from a first-person perspective. "You simply grab the world and swipe away," Flesser says. Intriguing.

Furthermore, rather than create a specific style of puzzle, he claims that each puzzle will be its own unique beast.

Alone in the dark

We also like the description Flesser gives regarding the mood he and the team is trying to generate with Year Walk.

"Have you ever been lost in the forest, and you realise that you are walking in circles?" Flesser asks. "That is a scary and confusing feeling. We have tried to capture that feeling in this game."


We hope to see Year Walk on the App Store around the end of February.
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