No batteries, no Bluetooth - the WynCASE turns to Kickstarter for funding
By Matthew Diener 21 December 2012
Game Name: WynCASE | Manufacturer: WynLABS | Format: iPhone
We've seen no shortage of iPhone controller cases pop up on Kickstarter, each promising to revolutionize the world of mobile gaming in its own way.

The WynCASE, however, might just succeed where others have failed.

Featuring eight tactile buttons set into a snap-on case that works in either landscape or portrait mode, WynCASE has a good amount of options to offer mobile gamers.

Yet what truly makes it stand out is how it works. Using a patent-pending BridgeTOUCH technology, WynCASE doesn't require batteries and will not deplete your phone's battery life through a Bluetooth connection.

Instead, it works by conducting an electrical field from the button to the touchscreen, simulating the same feedback on the screen as a finger touch does.

Born button pusher

Adding to the WynCASE's features is the fact that it's an open source device and will work for both iOS and Android operating systems - although its Kickstarter campaign is aimed only at producing cases for the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 along with the iPod Touch (4th and 5th generation).

WynCASE has 22 days left in its Kickstarter campaign and is $68,000 short of its overall goal of $80,000. Those looking to pick up a WynCASE on the cheap can pledge $30 to the campaign to secure an early bird case (in black or white).

More colour options are available at higher price points.

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