WhatAlarm is the real waking-up app that updates you and becomes smarter [Sponsored]
By Anthony Usher 19 May 2014
Game Name: WhatAlarm | Developer: BegSrl | Format: iPhone | Genre: Time management
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B&G presents WhatAlarm, the first alarm clock app in the world that really takes care of everyone.

What does that mean?

Well, WhatAlarm can read weather conditions and help you to decide what to wear. This smart alarm clock reads the news of the day so that you can be always informed. Oh, and it reads your horoscope.

With WhatAlarm, you can use the diary feature to remind yourself of certain things. The alarm clock, finally, provides directions so you can take the best route. It'll also launch your favourite radio station.


There's no need to unlock your device when the alarm goes off, by the way. Through the "Shake to Snooze" feature, you can postpone the alarm (from 1 to 30 minutes) by simply moving your phone.

With a simple movement of your smartphone, the "Shake to Wake up" feature, meanwhile, will start all alarm functions and its voice.

WhatAlarm also has the ability to record audio. The system, in this case, will ask for access to the microphone of your phone. When pressing the Home button (i.e. when the app runs in the background), you activate the recording and will see a red banner at the top of the iPhone.

What is B&G? How does it work?

B&G deals with the design and creation of innovative and high-quality apps, in terms of both usability and design. The creative process that leads B&G to produce its apps starts from the study of markets and from the examination of the top ten apps in each industry sector.

Subsequent analysis of the target, combined with the process of consumer evaluation, leads to a better definition of the idea. From the new idea, B&G creates both products and services that consider the explicit and latent needs of the market segment in question.

Creative licence

Each app by B&G is highly accessible and creative. The apps range from pure entertainment to education, from games to productive sectors, from fashion to wellness. In general, whatever is trendy.

B&G manages the entire communication process before, during, and after the release of the app.

The differences lie both in the quantity and quality of services offered. In this case, everyone can customise WhatAlarm to get the awakening of which she has always dreamt.

Check out WhatAlarm on the web, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on YouTube for even more information, and download it from the App Store for 69p / 99c [buy].
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