Unreal-powered action RPG Wanderer: War Song slashes onto iOS
By Jon Jordan 19 February 2013
Game Name: Wanderer: War Song | Developer: Wiishare Technology Co., Ltd | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: RPG
While the free-to-play model is very popular in China, not all its developers are focused on 'pay or grind' dynamics.

A small number are looking to have success in the US and European markets by taking more of a premium approach.

One such as Wiishare Interactive Technology, which has just released its $5 - and without IAP - Unreal Engine-powered Wanderer: War Song for iPhone and iPad.

Here comes trouble

Based on various Greek and Norse myths, it's a third-person action RPG that has you roaming around a sequence of big boss-filled battle arenas.

Controls are twin-stick based, while your combat moves are a combination of general swipes and timed-based power up attacks. There's also a block button; something that's utilised in specific block time events.

Gameplay-wise, it's nothing as sophisticated as Infinity Blade - which it's likely inspired by - but the more free-roaming aspect at least provides more freedom.

Rising up

Obviously, the more bosses you defeat, the stronger your character becomes and the more powerful your attack options.

Customisation is another big factor as you kit out your hero with the best armour and weapons you can lay your hands on.

Priced $4.99, €4.49 or £2.99, Wanderer: War Song is now available for iOS devices, with the promise that War Song will be merely the first chapter of the ongoing Wanderer series.

You can check out the action in the following video.

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