Prepare to be terrified by the fear of the unknown in audio-only horror experience Vanished
By Chris Priestman 30 September 2013
Game Name: Vanished | Developer: Pixel Heart Studios | Format: iPhone | Genre: Adventure, Music/ Rhythm
Let's just say you heard that Papa Sangre II is heading your way this Halloween and now you're itching for some more audio-only horror.

Fear not (or, indeed, do fear), since Pixel Heart Studios released Vanished for iPhones yesterday at a special introductory price of free.

Vanished takes place in a completely dark world. There just isn't any light at all here. Your mission is to find out the reason and cause for this global darkness.

You don't explore the world of Vanished through images, mind. Instead, you navigate your way through the darkness via sounds. You'll touch the screen of your phone to move, and shake it to attack anything you perceive as hostile.

If you've experienced this type of game before, you'll know that your imagination can be much more horrifying than a graphic cooked up by even the most malevolent game designer.


You will be faced with monsters in Vanished. By killing them, you will level-up and grow more powerful. Unfortunately, the monsters get progressively more ferocious, too.

If you want a taste of terror, go and grab Vanished now while it's still free on the App Store.
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