EA's Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar heading to iOS this spring
By James Gilmour 14 February 2013
Game Name: Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar | Developer: BioWare | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: RPG | Networking: wireless (network)
EA's RPG remix Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar will complete its journey over to iOS this spring, and will feature a four-player co-op mode.

Based on Richard Garriott's iconic Ultima IV role-playing game, EA's new open-world adventure is being developed for iOS (and later Android) by BioWare Mythic.

As we reported back in August, Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar will be a free-to-play game. As such, you will be able to use in-game currency to purchase weaponry, consumables, and extra item slots.

What we didn't know last year is that Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar will support online co-op, with up to four players able to buddy up and explore the land of Britannia together.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar's lead designer Kate Flack has also revealed some interesting tidbits to Gamasutra about the game's morality system.

According to Flack, a player's interactions with NPCs can have positive and negative consequences (see Mass Effect's morality system). Furthermore, you will be able to stitch up other party members by deciding how much loot to divvy out to the team.

Whether you share the loot equally or keep most of it - or all of it - for yourself, this "Honesty Box" system will affect your virtue score.

Good deeds, such as training up other warriors, will result in your being rewarded with sacrifice points, while diligent pupils will have their deference rewarded with humility points.

The reaction to this reboot of Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar has been mixed, to say the least, with many commenters wary of both the F2P model and the new art style.

Either way, iOS gamers can judge for themselves when Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar wanders onto the App Store this spring.
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