AppSpy's Eye on the App Store will be streaming this week's best new iOS releases on Twitch at 5pm GMT / 9am PST
By Danny Russell 02 April 2014
Game Name: Twitch news | Manufacturer: Twitch Interactive | Format: iPhone, iPad
App Store spies James and Peter are going to be hosting their weekly Twitch revue of iOS games that'll be out at midnight tonight.

In doing so, these two AppSpy titans will be helping you decide if said new titles deserve that last gigabyte of space on your iOS device.

This week, the main features will be star-spangled space sim FTL: Faster Than Light and the rather fetching platform-puzzler Monument Valley.

There could also be a quick playthrough of Joe Denver's Lone Wolf: Act 02 AND the new strategy title in the Warhammer 40,000 series, Storm of Vengeance.

Remember to tune in and take part in the Twitch broadcast either here or on AppSpy's Twitch channel. James and Peter will be going live today at 5pm GMT / 9am PST!

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