Pimp your ride with tortoise cannons in new auto-racer Turbolab Pursuit
By James Gilmour 20 February 2013
Game Name: Turbolab Pursuit | Developer: KoolFing | Publisher: Bulkypix | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Endless running, Racing, Shooter
Come midnight tonight, there will be a new auto-racer in town.

Its name: Turbolab Pursuit.

Its aim: to be the best darn science-centric side-scroller on the App Store.

Set in a world where the automobile is a recent invention, KoolFing and Bulkypix's Turbolab Pursuit follows the exploits of Professor West, the scientist responsible for inventing this new-fangled vehicle.

Unfortunately, the local mafia want to see it pretty badly. So badly, in fact, that they've sent several of their most goonish goons over to our hero's workshop to relieve him of his marvellous new machine.

Thankfully, however, Turbolab Pursuit is not a game about handing over your sweet ride to the local crime lord. Instead, you'll be racing away from black clad mafioso-types as fast as your supercar can 'carry' you.

Escape is not your only defence, though. You can equip Professor West's vehicle with madcap weapons - including a melon cannon, a tortoise launcher, and a homicidal sheep - to repel your two-bit assailants.

Turbolab Pursuit features randomly generated levels; over 4,000 customisation combinations; and a heap of projectiles and power-ups. Oh, and it will rocket onto the App Store tonight. You'll be able to download it free of charge.
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