It's science vs the mafia in Bulkypix's upcoming auto-racer Turbolab Pursuit
By James Gilmour 12 February 2013
Game Name: Turbolab Pursuit | Developer: KoolFing | Publisher: Bulkypix | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Endless running, Racing, Shooter
Bulkypix is preparing to drive another colourful auto-runner out of its enormous gaming garage.

This time around, Turbolab Pursuit will be the one exiting the French publisher's spacious virtual pit lane and lining up on the App Store starting grid on February 21st.

Developed by Crazy Escape creator KoolFing, Turbolab Pursuit is set in a universe where cars have only just been invented but mafia bosses are as old as the hills.

Having recently invented a brand-new prototype automobile, the nutty professor at the heart of this new auto-runner has no time for celebration. Unfortunately, his triumphant discovery has attracted the attention of some mobsters, who are trying to steal the secret of his madcap vehicle.

It's up to you, therefore, to guide our scientist hero away from the mafia goons and keep them at bay by any means necessary.

Judging by the Turbolab Pursuit trailer (above), you will spend most of the game switching between driving the scientist's car and shooting at tailgating mafiosi.

Luckily, your brainy hero has tooled his madcap vehicle up good and proper, so you can take advantage of all kinds of wacky weaponry, including tortoise launchers, melon cannons, and a handy supply of kung fu sheep.

You can also customise Turbolab Pursuit's protagonist via a bunch of daft outfits, many of which are inspired by well-known video game characters.

If Turbolab Pursuit has got your plugs sparking, you'll want to clear a space on your iPhone or iPad by February 21st.
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