True Axis builds a rad new skatepark for narley True Skate tricksters
By Jon Mundy 28 February 2013
Game Name: True Skate | Developer: True Axis | Publisher: True Axis | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Sports
Like playing a guitar and speaking fluent Japanese, riding a skateboard is one of those things that looks great to master... if only you could be bothered to put in the years of dedication required.

That's where simulation games like True Skate come in, offering you the illusion of mastering a tricky pastime with relatively little of the required dedication.

We really liked True Axis's game when we reviewed it towards the end of 2012, and now we have the perfect excuse to return to its board-flicking ways.

In a totally rad fresh update to True Skate, its maker has added a whole new skatepark in which to perform your finger stunts. It's available through an in-app purchase for just 69p / 99c.

New paint job

With version of True Skate installed on your blower, you'll be able to customise your skateboard deck art with your own images, too.

True Axis has also taken the opportunity to kill a few bugs in, and make a few tweaks to, its skateboard sim. To wit, blunt sides now work well on lips and ledges. Oh, and you can now have some effect on the direction of your skateboard while grinding.

Furthermore, if you find True Skate's HUD a little too obtrusive, you can now disable the text and fade the buttons out for a purer, less cluttered experience.

There are a bunch of other minor fixes and additions in this latest firmware update, but we think we've covered the main ones. Put simply: more skating, less irritation. Narley.

Do skaters still say 'narley'? Or is that surfers? Do surfers still say 'narley'? Help.
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