3D iPhone shooter Trigger Fist really gets our goat
By Jon Mundy 01 August 2012
Game Name: Trigger Fist | Developer: Lake Effect | Publisher: Lake Effect | Format: iPhone | Genre: 3D, Multiplayer, Shooter | Networking: wireless (adhoc),wireless (network),Bluetooth
We're getting a little tired of military shooters now. Yes, we know that Call of Duty has sold 49 squillion copies, but does every action game have to look exactly the same as CoD?

That's what we were thinking as we hit 'play' on the trailer (posted below) for Trigger Fist (which follows that well-known put-two-random-but-macho-words-together-for-a-title rule).

Gritty 3D locales - check. Seemingly online gunplay - check. Carriable goats - ch... wait, what?

Yep, the thing that stood out to us most were the bits where your grizzled soldier picks up a goat and wears it like a rucksack. The juxtaposition is really quite amusing.

We reckon it could be a Capture the Flag mode - only with livestock replacing the flag. A sneak peek at the above screengrab reveals the text "Enemy dropped goat" just as the player brings down a scarpering carrier.

Goat-ta be starting something

Other than this, Trigger Fist is looking like a reasonably polished third-person shooter filled with head shots and grenades and stuff. It uses the Unity 3D engine, so it looks pretty solid.

The real issues are: does it control well, and is online multiplayer truly playable or a jerky mess? If Lake Effect can nail these issues (and up the goat count), it might be on to a winner.

Trigger Fist has been submitted to Apple, and should go live on the App Store in the next few weeks.

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