Who is the mightiest Avenger on iPhone?
By Jon Mundy 14 November 2013
Game Name: Top 5 iPhone charts | Format: iPhone
Marvel's Avengers have taken over the box office.

Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America have all been hits with audiences around the globe in standalone movies, while the Avengers Assemble ensemble piece ended up being one great big money-spinning romp.

But which Avenger has proved to be the mightiest iPhone hero?

We thought we'd take a closer look, starting with the cocky rich one who looks a bit like that bloke out of Air America.

No, not Mel Gibson. The other one.

Iron Man

Iron Man might be the nominal leader of The Avengers, but his iPhone games have been a bit rubbish.

Both Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 (pictured) are desperately average action games, high on spectacle and low on depth. Rather like the Iron Man 2 film, in fact.

Remember Iron Man: Aerial Assault? No, neither did we.

Captain America

Ah, Captain Steve Rogers.

"The First Avenger", as he's known to Marvel fans. "That bloke with rubbish powers and a star-spangled hubcap", as he's know to the rest of you.

His solitary standalone iPhone outing to date, Captain America: The Sentinel of Liberty, was an action-runner in the vein of Mirror's Edge. Like his Super Soldier serum-enhanced physical abilities, it was barely above ordinary.


The Hulk might be the strongest Avenger, but his box office pull is undoubtedly the weakest. Two underwhelming movies in less than a decade can't have gone down well over at Marvel HQ.

It figures, then, that he's the least well-represented Avenger on iPhone. In fact, the only game we'd point to as a Hulk game doesn't even feature Hulk in the title. It's called Avengers Initiative, and it co-stars Captain America in a mediocre (5/10) Infinity Blade rip-off.

Hulk mildly peeved. Hulk have lie down.


Despite being, in many ways, the Marvel equivalent of Superman, Thor proved to be a surprise monster hit with cinemagoers in 2011. Few expected the cheesy mixture of mythical and fantastical elements in Kenneth Brannagh's flick to go down well in Popcornland.

Of course, thanks to a certain blonde Aussie, it did.

We wish we could say the same about Thor's iPhone output. The latest, Thor: The Dark World (pictured), is a big dumb action-RPG with an annoying IAP system and dull gameplay. Thor: Son of Asgard wasn't particularly great either, as we recall.

Avengers assembled

As everyone knows, The Avengers are stronger together. That's kind of the point, right? So, any iPhone game starring all of the above must be greater than the sum of their respective solo 'parts'. Er, right?

Well, maybe. Slightly. Avengers Alliance was a mediocre Facebook game conversion that we whizzed past faster than Quicksilver looking for a bathroom in Central London (nerdy reference alert!).

Meanwhile, Marvel Pinball and Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign (pictured), while both decent 7/10 games, aren't strictly speaking Avengers games. They just feature the above characters, alongside loads of other Marvel heroes.

And besides, neither helps to answer the main question: which Avenger has the best iPhone games?

And the winner is…

We therefore name the world's mightiest iPhone Avenger as...


That might sound like a bit of a cheat, yes. But as anyone acquainted with the Marvel universe will know, Spidey has popped up as an Avenger from time to time.

And his games have been quite respectable on iPhone. Well, okay, you've got the fine Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem (pictured) and the passable The Amazing Spider-Man. But the former was the one and only game listed in this feature to receive a PG Gold Award.

So, er, well done, Spidey. You're the mightiest iPhone Avenger! That's largely because the others are effectively asleep or drunk on the job. But there you go.

Avengers: Disassemble! And do us a favour, eh? Bring your A-game to your next batch of iPhone games, or don't bother turning up. We'll just call the X-Men, or something.
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