Round and round the planets you go in actioneer The Ories: Super Space Monsters
By Jon Jordan 07 March 2013
Game Name: The Ories: Super Space Monsters! | Developer: Assyria Game Studios | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Casual | Networking: wireless (network)
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Here's an interesting mix up of genres.

UK start up Enormous Small Things has just released The Ories: Super Space Monsters onto the App Store.

It's a polished planetary physics game - with 36 levels in the adventure mode and an endless mode - in which you tap and hold onto planets to fire out a beam that lets your rocket ship slingshot its way around obstacles, so it can collect stars - a bit like Angry Birds Space perhaps.

But you're not in a static situation as your rocket is always travelling up the screen, bringing more action gameplay to the fore, particularly as your rocket will explode if it hits a planet or the sides of the screen.

As for the Ories themselves, they're the sort of cute space blighters that reminds us of Mike Wazowski from Pixar's Monsters Inc combined with the art style of Zeptolabs' recent Pudding Monsters... perhaps.

Clips to share

A free-to-play game, The Ories comes loaded with different customisation options in terms of the in-game characters and power ups for your rocket etc.

Of course, you can spend real cash to unlock these, or perform the usual actions such as linking your Facebook account, watching a video advert, downloading a game, or even completing in-game dares to get more SP credit.

There's also plenty of help on hand thanks to the video tutorials, which you might need to get yourself up-and-running. These are neatly integrated with the Everyplay video replay technology, which lets you share your best action clips with your friends and other players.

The Ories is out now for iPhone and iPad. You can see how it plays in the following video.

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