How to clean your teeth in The Mouth of Madness - hints, tips, and tricks
By Peter Willington 23 August 2013
Game Name: The Mouth of Madness | Developer: Jardvark Studios | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Puzzle | Networking: wireless (network)
The Mouth of Madness is a filthy place to be.

And if you're enjoying its blend of Ren & Stimpy and Fruit Ninja, you'll be in need of a guide to assist you in your quest to rid the hero's mouth of, errr, ickiness.

Happily for you, that's exactly what you've just stumbled upon.

You see, the following article contains a load of top tips for getting the best scores on the online leaderboards in The Mouth of Madness.

Let's start with getting to know the enemy types and how you should deal with them, then move onto a few more general tips.

Know thy enemy

Tooth Splitter and Excaliburn are the most common enemy types. The first is green and swings his attack down, while the second shoots upwards to attack. Take them out with a quick swipe. If there are other types of baddie on-screen, feel free to leave killing this basic type of bacteria until last.

Bubonic Plague appears on the teeth themselves, and requires multiple swipes to clear. You have a bit of time to clear them, so you can always start cleaning one off, pause to take care of another enemy, and then return to finish the job. Nosferatooth, meanwhile, requires two hits: one in his much smaller bat form, then another in his tooth-biting form.

You can easily vanquish trigger-happy Billy the Bicuspid with a swipe, but hitting the bullets he fires into the air can be a serious headache owing to their size and unpredictable movement patterns. Germainia also represents the same kind of problem, for those very same reasons.

Know thy enemy (some more)

Contrary to what his name might immediately conjure up in your mind, Catoothlu isn't a cat. In actual fact, he's a particularly toothy take on Cthulu. You want to focus all of your swipes on his one tooth, thus giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Miss T Fairy can be both a blessing and a curse. When she appears in her friendly pink form, she'll add to the strength of your teeth and repair damage done to them. But should she transform into her malicious green version, she'll attack. Don't be too quick to act when you see her, but don't automatically assume she's a friend rather than a foe, either.

Kitty Boom Boom is the big-eyed cat that, for some reason, leaps about your mouth. Do not hit it, or it will wreak its revenge upon your chompers from beyond the grave. It will also block the screen entirely in the Timed mode, stopping you from scoring points.

Finally, the Brute Canal is an executioner that is impervious to all attacks, except on the bit of flesh that hangs from beneath his armour. The bit that looks a little like hairy man fun lumps. Hit him there, and he's history.

Other play tips

- When you're used to the length at which enemies will remain on-screen before attacking, try leaving them until the last moment and destroying many of them at the same time. Multiple baddie combos are great for multipliers and high score chasing.

- That said, make sure you take care when swiping, or else you might hit a target you didn't mean to. In the case of Miss T Fairy, you'll simply waste an opportunity to claw back health. Slicing Kitty Boom Boom, however, is a major mistake.

- Talking of slicing, did you know you can slice up and down, as well as sideways? You do now.

- Something for you achievement hunters now... a lot of the cheevos here are really easy to get. To grab one, you simply leave the title screen running for a couple of minutes. To grab another, you just have to try the hardest difficulty level. You get a couple for merely firing up the game. Marvellous.

Got any tips to share? Let us and the rest of the PG community know them by leaving them in the comments section below.

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