Classic adventure game The Lords of Midnight arrives for iOS
By Matthew Diener 19 December 2012
Game Name: The Lords of Midnight | Developer: Chilli Hugger Software | Publisher: Chilli Hugger Software | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy
To many younger gamers, The Lords of Midnight might fairly be mistaken for the name of a Scandinavian death metal band.

Those who know their history, however, will recognize The Lords of Midnight as one of the earliest fantasy adventure games with an expansive storyline and cast of characters almost on par with George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books.

After the passing of its creator, influential British developer Mike Singleton, The Lords of Midnight completed its development cycle and arrived on the App Store as a universal app.

Down with Doomdark

The Lords of Midnight features four main characters with colourful names and titles, such as Luxor the Moonprince, for the player to control.

Using these four characters, the player must overthrow Doomdark, the Witchking of Midnight.

Impressively (for the time), players could choose between three separate paths to victory. If players decided to destroy Doomdark's magical Ice Crown, The Lords of Midnight played very much like a standard quest-based adventure game.

Yet players also had the option of recruiting up to twenty eight other Lords to help them destroy Doomdark's armies on the field of battle. If players chose to play the game this way, it was more of a strategy wargame than an adventure title.

Finally, for players who enjoyed a real challenge - and a sweepingly epic storyline -  both objectives could be undertaken at once. All three modes will be retained for the iOS port.

Although the iOS port features updated and slightly enhanced graphics, they retain the simple, pixelated glory of the game's original artwork.
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