Prepare to stride out into the past in upcoming adventure-platformer The Crystal Catacombs for iOS
By Harry Slater 04 November 2013
Game Name: The Crystal Catacombs | Developer: Levels or Lives | Publisher: Crescent Moon Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Adventure, Platform, RPG
Nostalgia can do strange things to gamers.

Mention a revered game from the past and they're likely to go all misty-eyed and dribble on about how things aren't like they used to be.

They're right, of course, because things are better now. I mean, we've got computers in our pockets that can run games by devs that pay homage to titles of yore.

Like The Crystal Catacombs, for example, an upcoming adventure-platformer from publisher Crescent Moon Games and developer Levels or Lives.

In this forthcoming iOS game, you lead an intrepid explorer through a procedurally generated dungeon, avoiding traps and spikes, and slaughtering evil monsters.

There's an XP system at play here, so you can expand your skills, buy more weapons, grab magical artefacts, and bag a set of spells that enable you to blast out fireballs.

And it's all presented in gorgeous blocky pixels that should set the pulse of anyone who knows what a Spectrum is racing.

The bad news is The Crystal Catacombs isn't going to hit the App Store until next spring. We will, of course, though, keep you updated with any developments regarding this game as and when we are notified of them.

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