Minecraft-esque builder The Blockheads updated with new block types, crafting recipes, and more
By Anthony Usher 08 February 2013
Game Name: The Blockheads | Publisher: Majic Jungle Software | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Multiplayer, Simulation | Networking: wireless (adhoc)
Majic Jungle Software's very first content update for The Blockheads is now available to download from the App Store for free.

As expected, this refresh includes two new block types: compost and basalt.

You can use the former to grow plants and trees much larger and faster than normal, and use the latter's shininess to spice up your favourite buildings and structures.

Crafting-wise, you can now produce waterproof steel lanterns (providing you have the required resources); create beautiful and extravagant chandeliers from the gems you collect on your travels; and form clay at your press using dirt and water.

Kelp, which you can find in oceans, is another new addition.

Thankfully, this update also contains a number of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes.

Dropped chests and special items (like the clothes that are hidden at the game's North and South Poles), for example, will no longer disappear from your world if you leave them behind.

Your clothes will now degrade slowly over time, however, so don't get too attached to them. Literally and figuratively.

You can grab The Blockheads from the App Store for your iPhone and iPad for free. Go on: you know you want to.
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