Forthcoming The Blockheads update will include compost, waterproof lanterns, and much more
By Anthony Usher 29 January 2013
Game Name: The Blockheads | Publisher: Majic Jungle Software | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Multiplayer, Simulation | Networking: wireless (adhoc)
iOS game developer David Frampton (a.k.a. Majic Jungle Software) is currently buried under a mountain of empty Red Bull cans working his socks off to release the first content update for excellent Minecraft-style build-'em-up The Blockheads.

If you're an avid farmer, you'll be pleased to read that this forthcoming update will include a new compost block type, which will allow you to grow trees and plants at a much faster rate.

Furthermore, the next version of The Blockheads will feature a brand-new Kelp plant that grows in water, as well as waterproof lanterns that you craft with steel and glass rather than clay.

According to Frampton, the light emitted from these new lanterns will be brighter and will travel farther than the light emitted from lesser flashlights.

"Another new block type" and a "few other new items to craft" will be included, too, but these won't be revealed until closer to the update's launch.

Frampton believes that his first content update, which has just entered a testing stage, will be available to download sometime in the next few weeks.

This is a little earlier than originally expected, but Frampton is rushing the update out in order to squash some of the peskier bugs that players have reported.

You can grab the Gold Award-winning The Blockheads in anticipation of this update for free from Apple's App Store for your iPhone and iPad.
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