Telltale Games puts Back to the Future, Monkey Island Tales, and more on sale for Independence Day
By Harry Slater 04 July 2013
Game Name: Telltale Games news | Manufacturer: Telltale Games | Format: iPhone, iPad
Telltale Games has been one of the architects of the rebirth of the point-and-click adventure.

And right now, you can get almost everything the California-based studio has released on iOS for 69p / 99c a pop.

That means you can bag all five episodes of the Bronze Award-winning Back to the Future series for less than the price of a magazine, for example.

The recently released Poker Night 2 [buy] is included in the sale, too, as is the solid but unremarkable Wallace and Gromit: The Last Resort [buy].

All of the Monkey Island Tales games, the entire season of Sam & Max Beyond Time, and the underwhelming Jurassic Park games are also going cheap at the mo.

Not Monkeying around

There's an awful lot of bang for your not-quite-a-buck there, then.

And even though some of the games are far from perfect, you can't really quibble given they're 69p / 99c apiece. Cue mass quibbling.

Unfortunately, the jewels in Telltale's crown, The Walking Dead games, don't seem to be included in this promotion. But, hey, you've already bought all of them anyway, right?
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