WipEout designer's Table Top Racing game swerving onto iOS at midnight
By Anthony Usher 30 January 2013
Game Name: Table Top Racing | Developer: Playrise Digital | Publisher: Playrise Digital | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Racing | Networking: wireless (adhoc),wireless (network)
Nick Burcombe, the lead designer of legendary console racer WipEout, and his new Liverpool-based studio Playrise Digital have just released Table Top Racing on the New Zealand App Store.

Burcombe's latest racer doesn't feature space-age anti-gravity aircraft. It doesn't feature tracks carved out of futuristic cities, either.

Instead, Table Top Racing is full of Micro Machines-esque cars. Oh, and wacky obstacle-filled tracks that are set in busy kitchens and around restaurant tables.

Gameplay-wise, Table Top Racing is, as you can probably imagine, a lot closer to Nintendo's Mario Kart than it is to the likes of Gran Turismo.

As you play, you earn coins that you can spend in the in-game store on vehicle upgrades, new vehicles, and additional weapons.

These weapons, along with the game's many power-ups, come in extremely handy when you jump into a multiplayer game and compete against three of your buddies.

Table Top Racing will speed into the UK, the US, and around Europe at midnight this evening.
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