Find out whether Captain Kirk is 'better' than a Nibiru child in Star Trek Rivals for iOS
By Harry Slater 17 May 2013
Game Name: Star Trek Rivals | Publisher: Elephant Mouse | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Card battler, Casual, Film/ TV tie- in, Multiplayer | Networking: wireless (network)
There was a time when all tie-in games for blockbuster movies were rancid third-person shooters or annoyingly simple side-scrolling platformers.

Thankfully, though, developers on the App Store have put an end to that sad state of affairs.

So, yeah, action-packed cinematic epics are now being turned into boring multiplayer card games instead. Hmmm.

Whereas the Fast & Furious 6 game released yesterday does at least look a bit like the film it's promoting, Star Trek Rivals plays like a cross between Top Trumps and noughts and crosses. Albeit without the tactical nous of either.

Play Your Space Cards Right

In each Star Trek Rivals game, you have five cards from which to choose. Each of these cards has a picture of someone or something from the film on it, and each side of these cards has a numerical value.

By placing a high-valued card next to a lower-valued card, you capture the latter. All makes sense.

There are combos in Star Trek Rivals, too. These kick off chain reactions and can turn all of the cards on the board in your favour.

If you've seen the Star Trek Into Darkness film and are desperate for some portable gaming to maintain your Trekky high, then download Star Trek Rivals from the App Store right now for nothing at all.
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