Sonic Jump gains new levels and characters in High Flier iOS update
By James Gilmour 26 November 2012
Game Name: Sonic Jump | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Casual, Platform
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Sega has just updated Sonic Jump with new levels, extra enemies, and an additional playable character.

Leaping onto iOS last month, Sonic Jump went down a storm with our reviewer. He was delighted to see Sega taking the Doodle Jump perpetual climber formula, setting the game in the Sonic universe, and replacing the Doodler with The Blue Blur.

That universe just got a bit bigger, thanks to this newly rolled out High Flier update.

Firstly, players who download the update will find 12 new Sonic Jump levels to beat. There's also a new Arcade level featuring previously unseen nasties and obstacles.

Space race

Secondly, you can now team up with other Sonic Jump players to help the bouncing blue hedgehog get to the Moon. Complete this global challenge, and you will unlock a hidden character.

Finally, if the Moon seems like a long way to go for an extra playable character, you'll be pleased to read that downloading the update automatically unlocks Sonic's spiky pink gal-pal Amy.

If you've yet to hop onto the Sonic Jump bandwagon, you can download it onto your iPhone and iPad for £1.49 / $1.99 now.

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