Gallop across floating platforms in endless-running sequel Robot Unicorn Attack 2
By Anthony Usher 24 April 2013
Game Name: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 | Developer: PikPok Games | Publisher: Adult Swim | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Endless running
Publisher of Flick Kick Football PikPok has teamed up with Amateur Surgeon 2 developer Adult Swim on the newly released iOS game Robot Unicorn Attack 2.

Much like its Silver Award-winning predecessor, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is an endless-running game in which you have to gallop swiftly across colourful floating platforms.

In this sequel, these platforms reside in two different worlds that are dynamically regenerated on a daily basis.

The first of these worlds was created from rainbows and harmony, while the second was formed from ice and wonder. Yes, really.

Unlike the original Robot Unicorn Attack, however, this follow-up is completely free-to-play. It also features daily personal and community goals, the completion of which will yield you some in-game currency.

You can then use this currency to purchase new bodies, manes, wings, and horns with which to personalise your horse. Oh, and you can spend the currency on re-trying failed runs, too.

You'll be able to grab Robot Unicorn Attack 2 from the App Store in the UK and US from midnight this evening for free.
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