Roar Rampage will punch the crap out of iOS at midnight tonight
By Mark Brown 06 February 2013
Game Name: Roar Rampage | Developer: Neutronized Games | Publisher: FDG Entertainment | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Arcade, Endless running, Retro
Of all the new iOS games I've played this week, FDG Entertainment's manic arcade romp Roar Rampage has quickly become my favourite of the bunch.

It's a pixel-art adventure, starring Dino, a big, ugly, Godzilla-style monster who's hell-bent on smashing up various cities and islands.

Size matters

You play the puppet master, manoeuvring Dino's giant boxing glove-clad mitt by dragging it around the screen with your finger.

As you stomp through the city, you'll punch buildings, slug parachuting soldiers, and knock out helicopters.

Roar Rampage

There's a real tactile thrill to proceedings as you smash up the city, and there's physics fun on offer as you punch one chopper into another, or use a monorail train as a big lashing whip.

Roar Rampage contains three chapters filled with levels, and includes an endless mode where you stomp across the entire globe. There are in-app purchases, of course, and Game Center support.

This one will breach the App Store shorelines at midnight this evening. It will cost a respectable 69p / 99c. Do check it out.
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