Play as a member of the Ghostbusters or the Men in Black in latest Respawnables update for iOS
By Anthony Usher 02 May 2013
Game Name: Respawnables | Developer: Digital Legends Entertainment | Publisher: Zynga | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Shooter
Digital Legends has updated its colourful Team Fortress 2-style shooter Respawnables to version 1.5, introducing a shedload of new content in the process.

For starters, there are new playable Ghostbusters- and Men in Black-themed characters, complete with weapons, gadgets, equipment, and even uniforms from their respective Hollywood movie franchises.

There's the Ghostbusters's Proton Gun, for example, as well as the Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle, Neuralizer, and the Noisy Cricket from the Men in Black films.

By popular demand, Digital Legends has also included a brand-new Snow Village map in its game. Oh, and some facial animations that enable all of the characters to "express themselves like never before".

That last feature is only available to iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad owners, mind.

Finally, you can now invite your friends to join your squad in multiplayer battles, and play across multiple devices using your Game Center account.

You can grab Respawnables from the App Store right now for free.
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