Location-based mutant cat-wrangling game Rescue Rush now available on iPhone and iPad
By James Gilmour 24 January 2013
Game Name: Rescue Rush | Developer: Supermono Studios | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade, Location- based
Supermono's barmy location-based arcade game Rescue Rush has just stomped onto the App Store, leaving gargantuan paw prints in its wake.

For its latest interactive adventure, Supermono has moved away from the infinite racing of previous release Drive Forever, and chosen instead to make a game which populates real roads with 50-foot-high cats.

You see, Rescue Rush uses GPS data to transform your immediate surroundings into a fantasy world. A world which just so happens to contain a building-sized feline named Columbus.

Playing as the artificially enhanced supercat Columbus - he was zapped by a wonky shrink ray - you must march around your town or city rescuing trapped animals and fending off an army of crazed scientists.

Clearly drawing inspiration from cinematic creations like King Kong and Godzilla, Supermono's new location-based game gives you the unique opportunity to march a giant mutant kitty right past your neighbour's front garden.

You won't just be limited to your own block, by the way. Portals located around the in-game environments will allow you to jump immediately to famous global cities and landmarks.

With 100 animal types to find and over 1 million playable levels to crack, Rescue Rush has the potential to keep you busy for a lunch break or two.

You can download Rescue Rush from the App Store for free right now.
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