Pixel-art platformer Relic Rush to clamber up the App Store ladder at midnight
By James Gilmour 13 February 2013
Game Name: Relic Rush | Developer: Jason Pickering | Publisher: Forest Moon Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Arcade, Platform
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Attention, pixel-art connoisseurs: retro platformer Relic Rush will go live on the US and UK App Stores later this evening.

Comprising 100 single-screen levels, Relic Rush is as old skool as they come.

As you can probably tell from the screenshots in the gallery, you have to guide a blocky explorer-type across platforms, up ladders, and around enemies to reach an exit.

For Relic Rush, in-house Crescent Moon Games developer Jason Pickering has borrowed the auto-runner mechanic that is currently doing the iOS rounds. This means that our hero will charge forward endlessly if left to his own devices.

It's up to you, then, to stop our hero in his tracks with some well-timed taps. Applying the brakes in this fashion is essential to avoiding barrelling headlong into poisonous frogs, fireballs, and abominable snowmen.

To earn the best and shiniest medals in Relic Rush, you must clear each level as quickly as possible. The challenge arises from working out when to pause, and when to push forward.

If you have a fondness for pixel-art titles, Relic Rush's right-angled assets will likely leave you weak at the knees. We'll have to wait until later tonight to discover whether its gameplay is as charming as its visuals, though.

You'll be able to download Relic Rush for 69p / 99c on iPhone and iPad from midnight.
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