Awesome new Korean game Red Rusher is Elite Beat Agents meets Kill Bill
By Mark Brown 25 February 2013
Game Name: Red Rusher | Developer: Araso Pandan | Publisher: Araso Pandan | Format: iPhone | Genre: Action, Endless running, Fighting, Music/ Rhythm
Red Rusher is a new rhythm-action game from South Korean indie Araso Pandan. Red Rusher is also a blood-soaked blend of Sin City, Kill Bill, and DS favourite Elite Beat Agents.

If that combination doesn't instantly grab your attention, then I don't know what will. I just don't know.

Anyway. Red Rusher takes its cues from iNiS's abovementioned much-loved Nintendo DS game.

That means you'll be tapping, swiping, and holding your finger on icons that pop up on the screen in time to the music.

It's responsive to your pinky gestures, and the focus on broad Fruit Ninja-style slashes makes for maniacal screen-swiping thrills.

Red Rusher

The difficulty in Red Rusher is quickly ramped up, mainly via super-fast combos, an overwhelming ocean of tap targets, and the unannounced introduction of new mechanics like double-tap and multi-touch multitasking.

The game also has a distinctive graphical style. It's all painted in black, white, and red, with thick inky lines and noisy static on the screen. The interstitial cutscenes - as barmy and mistranslated as they are - look like graphic novel panels.

Red Rusher is good fun, packed with content, and oozing with style. The only downsides: it's iPhone only and doesn't support the iPhone 5.

But if that doesn't turn you off, it's currently on sale for 69p / 99c. It'll then 'return' to its normal price of £1.49 / $1.99. There's also a free lite version available, if you want to try before you buy.

The developer says the game will also be updated with new chapters and stages in future at no extra cost to the player. Sounds good - sign me up.
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