See a nurse battle trans-dimensional beings in Random Heroes 2 at midnight
By James Gilmour 24 April 2013
Game Name: Random Heroes 2 | Publisher: Ravenous Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Platform
Ravenous Games's unlikely lifesavers are back for another monster-mashing adventure in Random Heroes 2, due to hit the App Store at midnight.

As in the Gold Award-winning original, you are put in the ever-changing shoes of seemingly everyday folks in Random Heroes 2, and asked to fight off a trans-dimensional army.

Judging by the game's spec list, the keyword in this sequel is 'more'. For example, Random Heroes 2 has 90 levels, which dwarfs its predecessor's level count of 40.

Boss fights have also been tossed into the Random Heroes mix, so you are forced to square off against some oversized nasties if you want to see the end screen.

In terms of the actual stars of this game, you'll have a choice of 18 characters.

We've already caught sight of the Nurse and Mystic characters in a couple of the game's screenshots. We've also spotted a sheriff, a red hedgehog-type thing, and some dude in a balaclava who looks like he's knocking off a Ladbrokes.

Random, indeed.

The other reworked item on Random Heroes 2's feature sheet is the control system. You can now aim up and strafe backwards. Welcome to the 21st century, y'all.

You will be able to download Random Heroes 2 for free on iPhone and iPad when the clock strikes 12 tonight.

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