Fantasy card game Rage of Bahamut arrives on iPhone
By Anthony Usher 16 May 2012
Game Name: Rage of Bahamut | Developer: Cygames | Publisher: Mobage | Format: iPhone | Genre: Adventure
Rage of Bahamut, which has been the #1 Top Grossing app on Google Play for four straight weeks, has been dealt into Apple's App Store, meaning you can download it for your iPhone or iPod touch.

In this fantasy adventure title, you take control of one of three parties: men, gods, and demons - all of which draw their powers from the hundreds of unique cards that you collect throughout play.

These cards can be used in single-player bouts or against the game's 1.5 million players in multiplayer competitions through the Mobage platform. Whichever you choose, you'll have to strengthen, synthesise, and evolve your cards if you wish to triumph.

Rage of Bahamut is available on the App Store right now for free.
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