Prepare to party in Rio thanks to incoming RAD Soldiers update
By James Gilmour 04 April 2013
Game Name: RAD Soldiers | Developer: Splash Damage | Publisher: WarChest | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Multiplayer, Strategy | Networking: wireless (adhoc)
Splash Damage and WarChest are preparing to add some South American flavour to their turn-based shooter RAD Soldiers in a soon-to-be released update entitled Party in Rio.

Pulling back the curtain on this update on its blog, WarChest revealed that the RAD Soldiers team is readying six brand-new maps, all set in Rio de Janeiro.

With this new location comes two new soldiers: teleport master Tito Tesla and trunk-wielding heavy Tree Mendez. The pair bring a couple of extra weapons to the fight, too, including the "Electri-fryer" sniper rifle, and the "Lumber Numberer" axe.

Medics will also be able to join the fray and pop some caps in an ass or two, thanks to the "Spray'n'Pray SMG". Sounds therapeutic.

However, WarChest and Splash Damage aren't just sprucing up RAD Soldiers's character roster and weapons cabinet; the single-player mode is getting a once-over, too, you see.

According to WarChest, the RAD Soldiers dev squad has re-imagined the entire solo mission experience. Choose a city and mission pack, and you'll be directed to a new Challenge map where you can keep track of your progress.

While you'll be handed nine new Rio-based missions free of charge in Party in Rio, you'll also be able to gain access to the Afterparty and Bigger Ben mission packs (presumably via IAPs). In the latter, you will be transported to the (currently snowy) streets of London.

We understand WarChest is in the "final stages" of readying this RAD Soldiers update for public consumption. We'll let you know when the update goes live.
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