Fill in animals and other shapes with pleasant colours in adorable yet tricky free iOS game PuzzleBits
By Chris Priestman 20 September 2013
Game Name: PuzzleBits | Developer: Little White Bear Studios | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle
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Whether it's PuzzleBits's chirpy tune, pleasant colours, or adorable animal shapes, there's something strangely enticing about Little White Bear Studios's new iOS game.

Sure, it looks like the kind of game you'd be tasked with as an infant, but PuzzleBits is deceptive. Yep, its puzzles get pretty tricky at times.

In PuzzleBits, you have to fill a large shape with smaller coloured shapes that you drag and drop. You might be filling in a love heart, a monkey, or an octopus, then. As you may have already guessed, there's only one solution. Usually.

It's very easy to kid yourself into thinking that you've figured it out, only to discover that the one last piece doesn't fit. If you get really stumped, though, you can ask for a hint. You only get one of those for free, mind.

There are 500 puzzles in total in this cute and satisfying game, which you can download for free right now. There are more levels on the way.
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