Watch Ash Ketchum attempt to catch 'em all with new Pokemon TV iPhone and iPad app
By Anthony Usher 12 February 2013
Game Name: Pokemon TV | Developer: The Pokemon Company | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Virtual Pet/ Toy
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The Nintendo-owned Pokemon Company has released a brand-new free iPhone and iPad application called Pokemon TV.

Pokemon TV, as its name suggests, enables you to watch and re-watch select episodes from the long-running (and rather excellent) animated Pokemon TV series.

Yup, this app gives you unlimited access to Ash Ketchum, Professor Oak, Team Rocket, and the rest of the colourful characters that you'll no doubt have grown accustomed to over the past decade or so.

You can watch every episode within this app on your various iOS-powered devices or use AirPlay to beam them wirelessly to your Apple TV and enjoy them on your big screen.

Gotta watch 'em all

Pokemon TV is currently jam-packed with action-packed episodes from season two through to season 14 of the animated show.

So, you can follow young adventurer Ash as he travels through the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, S'innoh, and Unova regions in search of rare Pokemon, new friends, and gym badges.

Pokemon TV is available right now for free. We suggest you dust off your Master Ball and catch it as soon as possible.
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