The Pokemon Company's Pokedex for iOS app hits UK and US App Stores
By Anthony Usher 10 December 2012
Game Name: Pokedex for iPhone | Publisher: Nintendo | Format: iPhone, iPad
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The Pokemon Company's official Pokedex for iOS application, which hit the Japanese App Store back in November, is now available to download in the US and around Europe.

This £1.49 / $1.99 app features information on 153 different Pokemon from the Unova region.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ninty's RPG franchise, the Unova region appears in 3DS titles Pokemon Black / White and Pokemon Black / White 2.

This app will allow you to check out each Pokemon's height and weight, as well as its move set and abilities, and what TMs it can use.

If you're up against a particularly tricky critter, you can also search for its weaknesses and exploit them to show it who's boss.

Pokedex for iOS
features four in-app purchases, which unlock Pokemon from the Kanto (001-151), Johto (152-251), Hoenn (252-386), and Sinnoh (387-493) regions.

These include classic monsters like Bulbasaur, Blastoise, Mew, and the loveable - but very useless - Magikarp.

These in-app purchases will set you back £3.99 / $5.99 each, so you'll have to shell out around £18.49 / $26.49 to unlock everything this app has to offer.

Pretty pricey. Still, if you're a huge Pokemon fan this is probably worth checking out.
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