Out at midnight: Build your own railroad empire with Pocket Trains for iPad and iPhone
By Harry Slater 25 September 2013
Game Name: Pocket Trains | Publisher: NimbleBit | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Simulation
NimbleBit's Pocket Trains has just pulled into the New Zealand App Store, meaning it'll be choo-chooing its way over to the UK and US at midnight tonight.

This new NimbleBit game is much like Gold Award-winning plane company sim Pocket Planes, so there's plenty of sending people and freight around the world here.

This time around, though, they're on trains instead of planes. And as everyone knows, trains are much cooler than planes.

NimbleBit employs the same free-to-play model here as it did in its predecessor.

This means you can speed up your journeys by throwing coins at them, or spend cash on new rolling stock to fit in more passengers and crates.

If you're a fan of the slow-paced not-really-doing-much gameplay of NimbleBit's other games, then you're probably already super-excited about Pocket Trains.

In that case, keep an eye on the UK and US App Stores at midnight tonight when you'll be able to download Pocket Trains for nothing at all.
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