Pocket Gamer iPhone and iPad gaming podcast: Episode 226 - The Game Center, The Flintstones, The United States of America
By Peter Willington 17 May 2013
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With world-renowned troublemakers Jon Jordan and James Gilmour away, it's left to muggins here to steer the good ship Pocket Gamer through the tumultuous waves of podcast chat.

Or something.

Happily, though, my deckmate Keith is alongside me here on the bridge of the ship.

On our travels today, we swing past North America to pick up super-special guest, and JRPG expert, Matt Diener.

He's a brilliant guest, though I am slightly concerned he might be a werewolf. Which is somewhat troubling.

International Edition

First off, we run you through loads of iOS game updates, including fresh content for Angry Birds Seasons, Star Command, and Where's My Water?

We also discuss the unveiling of Google Play games services at Google's I/O conference. Yes, it is relevant to iOS gaming.

In the New Releases section, we chat about all manner of goodies for your iOS device. Gravity Guy 2, Frozen Synapse, All Glory to the Pixel King!, Redline Rush... loads. Told you.

Then, it's straight on through to What We've Been Playing, where we chew the fat over a beautifully updated Sonic The Hedgehog, the moreish Impossible Road, and the charming Kingdom & Dragons.

Oh, and because I'm on hosting duties this week, we take a few detours via The Flintstones, Dropkick Murphys, Eddie Izzard, the Haka, and more.


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